Dear Readers,

Merry Christmas 2020! Happy New Year 2021! I hope you’re keeping safe in this pandemic. If you’ve already seen Episode 2 of SGF’s vlog, then this news is no secret for you! So what’s the secret? Well, given the pandemic situation and my extremely busy schedule I’ve been unable to write content for quite some time and this blog has suffered as a result. I apologize for my silence. Don’t worry, I am not giving up on Shae Gone Foreign just yet!

Ok, let’s get to the point……guess what? Shae Gone Foreign is transforming into a vlog!! I’ve made this decision with both you and myself in mind as I’ll be able to post more content and this means less reading for you. win-win!

I’ll still be posting vlogs on this website but if you like what you see and want more, please subscribe to SGF’s channel here. It’s easier to connect there. I’m excited to explore the new range of possibilities with vlogging and I’ve already practiced my ‘Hey guys, welcome back to my channel!’ voice. Thank you for joining me on this journey as I take you into a closer look of my study abroad experience. See you on Youtube! Don’t forget to subscribe!

Shae xx

E2 – Winter Weekend

With France experiencing a cold wave, what better time to visit Vosges in Eastern France? Known for its magnificent landscapes and rocky mountains, the French flock to the area for skiing and other Winter activities. Though with current COVID-19 restrictions, ski lifts are closed, this doesn’t stop us from road tripping 5 hours to see 30cm+ of snow and experience -18C temperatures.

Lille Through My Eyes [Vlog]

I’ve spent the last year in Lille, a city I’ve called my home. A city where I’ve experienced so many ups and downs. I didn’t feel comfortable just writing about it. I wanted others to see it, to see the city that though not perfect, holds a special place in my heart.

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