Hi! Bonjour!

Wais de Scene?!

My name is Shaeann and I’m 27 years young. I was born and raised on the beautiful, tropical island of Trinidad & Tobago. What started off as a dream, ended up a reality when I embarked on a life-changing experience in 2019. I moved to France to pursue my master’s degree. In other words, Shae Gone Foreign! I’ve lived in France since June 2019 and I’m so excited to take you on this journey with me. I’ve travelled to more than 10 countries since moving and I’ve met some amazing friends along the way.

This blog isn’t just about me, but also about Y-O-U! I want to encourage other young people like me to take the big step and study abroad. You have so much to offer in this world and a little push is all you need to make it happen. So, I’ll be sharing some advice & tips on moving abroad and trotting through Europe as a student and most importantly, on a budget.


Besides tuition fees being cheaper than the US, I was drawn to France simply for a life challenge. What bigger challenge than to immerse yourself into a country where you know no one with a language you don’t speak? That, and a visit to France was more than enough to convince me to pack everything I own and move abroad.

what i study 🎓

I’m enrolled at IÈSEG School of Management (Lille Campus) working towards a master’s degree in International Business. In an international class of almost 60, I’m the only Caribbean student. In fact, I’m the first Trinbagonian student in this program. I guess being the first sets the path for the rest right?

what i love ❤️

Apart from travel, which has had my heart since the first time I heard ‘cabin crew, prepare for take-off;’ I have a big passion for cooking. In another life, I’d probably be an executive chef and future owner of a 3-michelin star restaurant. But I guess, future CEO will have to do for now. I love photography and around 95% of the photos in this blog were taken and edited by me. I am a dog lover and though my sweet Belle & Benji may not be in France with me, not a day goes by that I don’t think about them 🐶.

This blog was made with love and kindness and if you enjoy reading it, share and tell your friends about it. If you didn’t enjoy it, that’s fine too. Just don’t tell them! 🤫