Meet Isobel!

She’s from the most populated country in the world and after living in Shanghai for most of her life, Jaiying migrated to France to be closer to her friends. Under the alias, ‘Isobel,’ when she’s not following her passion for Finance, she’s busy taking care of her pet cat, Alfie. In a short space of time, she evolved from ‘Neighbour’ to ‘Friend.’

After both moving into our apartments, Isobel & I were introduced by our landlord. Within the first few weeks, we already started shopping together and doing facials. As we don’t attend the same school, we didn’t see each other often, as our timetables were very demanding.

However, that didn’t stop us from having random girls’ nights to share our classroom woes over a glass of wine or some amazing Chinese food and snacks.

I’m beginning to see a trend with millennials and bonding over food 😆. Two of the most interesting Chinese dishes she’s cooked were stir-fry eggs and tomatoes and ‘Tear of the Peach Tree.’ The stir-fried eggs sound basic, but what’s makes this dish interesting is it’s actually really sweet because of the added sugar. The ‘Tear of the Peach Tree’ is peach gum that’s added to yogurt and is another Chinese favourite.

Tear of the Peach Tree
Yummy Stir-Fry

“Be cautious, always ask, and prepare some price to pay”

As she lives so close by, Isobel has benefitted the most from my quarantine cooking and Trini food. She’s tried some Trini favourites including pelau, stewed & geera chicken and curry.

Of course, she’s another travel buddy and has accompanied me on my trip to Strasbourg. When she’s travelling with others, I’m at home playing stepmom to Alfie who I think loves me, but only because I feed him 😂.

Meet Alfie!

Though she has since left Lille, to pursue her professional life in Paris, I must say, the silence is deafening, and I miss seeing this little spy at my window.

One challenge faced since moving abroad?

“Slow and outdated administrative process”

“Slow and outdated administrative process”

Your favorite memory in France?

“Friends made in the North, they are lovely french people”

You just won €1M, what’s your plan?

“Build some schools in poverty areas in China”

What do you love the most about China?

“Chinese foods”

Two fun facts about your country?

“No rules & good foods”

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