Other Caribbean Students at IÈSEG! What?!

For months, I boasted to my friends that I’m probably the only Caribbean student at IÈSEG currently. Well, that moment was short-lived. Welp 🙁. In November, I was contacted by two Caribbean students, Lenece who hails from the beautiful island of Antigua & Barbuda and Mike who’s from the birthplace of reggae, Jamaica. They’re both in the International MBA program at the Paris campus and wanted me to partake in a Caribbean Showcase.

What is it?

A project initiated by Lenece & Mike to portray Caribbean culture, music and food to students at the IÈSEG Paris campus.

After months of planning and me trying to perfect Pholourie, we were ready for the Showcase on February 14th 2020.


Safe to say, the French love Pholourie. It was the first item to disappear within the first hour of the day. It was a well-spent Valentine’s day and it’s always exciting to educate and share our culture and food with others.

Special thanks to Lenece and Mike for this opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the first Caribbean Showcase at IÈSEG. 😃

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