6 Hours in Budapest

As I crossed the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in -4° temperatures while the icy wind gusted into my face, I asked myself, what did I do to deserve this? Oh, the things we do for travel! Budapest is Hungary’s largest city and with only 6 hours to spare, we tried to enjoy the calmness and coldness of this quiet Sunday morning.



The iconic 3rd largest parliament building in the world. If you’re wondering why it’s so huge and luxurious, well, it all started during their rift with Austria who eventually compromised in 1867. This formed the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and during the late 19th century, the Hungarian Parliament was born. It took 17 years to construct this massive gothic, renaissance-styled with architect, Imre Steindl leading the way. The building comprises of almost 700 rooms and seats the National Assembly of Hungary.

Hungarian Parliament
Hungarian Parliament


I had limited time to enjoy Hungarian food especially on Sunday with most businesses closed. I did have some pastries though, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.

my plans next visit


As a hotspot (literally) for thermal baths, I definitely need to visit Szechenyi or Rudas Baths to enjoy the medicinal and healing benefits of these hot water pools.

If you had 6 hours in Budapest, what would you do? ⬇️

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