NYE in Berlin

It’s the last day of 2019 and fireworks can be seen exploding helter-skelter (before midnight) as Germans and tourists prepare to welcome 2020 with open arms. A city rich in complex history yet so diverse and free-spirited, no other place to spend New Year’s Eve than in Berlin. Known as a top location for its phenomenal fireworks display in front of Brandenburg Gate, this was the most chaotic, quite possibly terrifying but unforgettable NYE experience.



Booked on Dayuse, this hotel is perfect for those who are just spending the day in Berlin. It’s not very far from the city center and is located a 10-min walk to the East Side Gallery. The Ostbahnhof metro station is just a 5-min walk which can also take you to the city center if you prefer not to walk.  



Known as the longest open-air gallery in the world at 1.3km, what once stood as the Berlin wall is now used to showcase art and history. In 1990, after the fall of the wall, numerous artists from different countries came together to paint the murals. The memorial is protected against vandalism and is restored often to preserve it.


Another landmark in Berlin and standing tall in the sky at 368m (1200ft), it was built during the years of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). It was used as a TV broadcasting system during division years and today, it is the only city TV tower in Europe. With more than 1M visitors every year, at its highest point, you get a panoramic 360-view of Berlin & beyond.

Berlin TV Tower


A popular plaza sponsored by Sony and located in Potsdamer Platz. It was designed by architect, Helmut Jahn and the décor and lighting were absolutely stunning with the glistening blue Christmas bell.


Ok, the purpose of the trip. Every year, Brandenburg Gate hosts its world-famous NYE party with DJs, live bands and an outrageous fireworks display. The event is free and starts around 7pm. Unfortunately, we had plans throughout the night and didn’t make it to the venue till 11pm. Bad move. The venue was closed off due to overcrowding which meant that we had to find another spot to see the fireworks. After battling with a 1000+ crowd, we finally found a spot. Though I didn’t get to see the display directly in front the Gate, I would say it was still 100% worth it. I must say, I haven’t seen anyone more excited about bringing in the new year than Berliners.



Imagine leaving the comfort of my home to then be stomped on in Berlin. That’s exactly what happened. After the fireworks display, like everyone else, we made our way to the metro to return to the hotel. One minute I’m walking through the metro door, next minute I’m on the metro floor. Aye! I rhyme yes! I was pushed to the floor by at least 4 people who tried to make their way into the metro. To be honest, as I write this, my shoe and I still get flashbacks from the traumatic experience. Is this PTSD? 🥺 Anyways, #VisitBerlin 😉



Who goes to Berlin and eat Turkish food? I do 🙋🏾‍♀️. After walking for at least 30 minutes to visit this Turkish market I must say, it was delicious, but I honestly still don’t know what I ate.


Hot wine is back! This time, it’s called Glühwein. I mean, we’re in Germany after all.

my plans next visit


I’ve heard about it, but I need to experience it. Berlin is the best clubbing city in Europe and with no closing time, it’s guaranteed to be an intense and mind-blowing experience.


Is Berlin on your bucket list for NYE? What other cities do you wish to spend NYE?

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