Budgeting Tips After Moving Abroad

Newsflash, budgeting doesn’t end after you move abroad. In fact, you’ll be budgeting more than ever to prevent overspending while adjusting to your new lifestyle. Here’s some tips on how to be financially responsible while still enjoying your new city.

cheap eats

It’s easy to get enticed into buying groceries you don’t need, especially if it’s cheaper than your home country. Unfortunately, these costs add up and in no time, €10 multiplies to €50. Instead, opt for buying only the essentials and treat yourself to one or two ‘luxury’ items a week. Eating out is quite expensive and chances are you can make the same dish at home for ½ the price. Make use of your student card as some local restaurants offer discounts and freebies for students.

consider alternative transport

In France and many other European cities, if you’re 25 and under, your monthly transport pass will be cheaper than those 26+. Take advantage of this as it’s inexpensive than buying single travel tickets. For those who love biking, you have the options of either renting a bike for as little as €2 or less per day or buying one. If you intend on renting a bike, note that a deposit of €100+ is usually required in case it is not returned.

discover free entertainment

Whenever you travel, always take your student card. It’s the gateway for free access to museums, fairs, festivals and so much more. Most cities offer tons of free events so be sure to check event calendars on your city’s website or the events page on Facebook.  

find a side job

Who can say no to extra cash? If your class schedule permits and the job isn’t a distraction from your studies, consider finding a part-time job to earn some extra income. There are numerous ways including freelancing, babysitting or teaching English. This should only be a way to earn extra cash and shouldn’t be used as a primary source of income.

Freelancing: Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour

Babysitting & Tutoring English: Speaking Agency, Indeed

Do you agree or do you disagree? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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