Visiting Ghent

Another day trip and city even closer to Lille. Ghent (Gent) is rich in culture, university life and medieval architecture. It’s one of the oldest cities in Belgium and is known as the capital of the Flemish region (Flanders). It’s really a hidden gem and I was really torn between visiting here or Bruges.



A medieval castle which was initially built around 1000 but was burnt down in 1176. The stony structure that stands tall today was built in 1180 as is called ‘The Caste of the Counts.’ Unfortunately, I did not visit inside (which I regret) but it would have interesting to know the story and history of this fortress.


It’s literally impossible to miss the captivating view of Graslei. Like other tourists, I sat on the quayside and soaked in as much scenery as I could. From the beautiful old medieval buildings to the little boats that dock in the Leie river, this truly was a piece of beauty. We spent at least 15 mins trying to get the perfect picture on the bridge.



The first thing we think of when we hear the word ‘Belgium’, is Belgian chocolates. With so many to choose from and so many chocolatiers I didn’t get a chance to buy them on my trip to Brussels. I definitely was not about to let the opportunity miss me in Ghent. The one thing I love about Belgian chocolate is that it’s not super sweet and you get the classic cocoa taste. I tried this dark chocolate truffle at Van Hecke F Chocolatiere and it was melt in your mouth perfection.

Dark Belgian Chocolate Truffle


With so many Belgian faves, it’s easy for this one to get lost in the crowd. I wasn’t aware of it till I made this trip to Ghent. Cuberdon is basically candy that has a hard exterior and a soft, almost jelly-like inside. It comes in a variety of flavours but of course, the chocolate one was the winner.


Again, no trip to Belgium is complete without having French fries.

my plans next visit


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