Making a Home Away from Home

After moving, it’s easy to become homesick especially when you’re constantly thinking about your life back home. Making a home away from home is hard but hopefully these ideas can help you ease into your new life.


It’s as simple as choosing your favourite colour for your bedding. This makes so much difference when you’re trying to create that safe and comfortable space to call home. Decorate with gifts or tokens such as cards you received from friends/family, pictures or even adding a wireless speaker if you’re into music. It’s these little personal things that makes your space feel a lot more ‘you’ and a lot less ‘them’ (your landlord)


Getting to know where you live is important to prevent any sorts of discomfort. Consider joining meetup groups to get to know locals and wander around to know your surroundings. Try to approach your city with an open mind and with as much optimism as possible.


In the first month of my move, I made one of my favourite Trinbagonian dishes, curry. Our curry is a dish that is often shared with many people and I found it weird to cook and eat it alone. Instead I invited my new classmates over to share it with me. This made me feel a bit nostalgic but also made me feel at home. So, cook your favourite foods and invite your new friends over. I promise you; they’ll enjoy it just as much as you.


Moving doesn’t mean that you forget your family and friends back home. Take the time to check-in and update them on new happenings and experiences. However, don’t do it too much as you risk the possibility of missing out on your new life and also becoming even more homesick.

plan trips

Although it might be a bit too early, planning trips can really be a good distraction as it helps you focus on the future instead of the past. Plan a trip or two whether with friends or solo to ease your mind and give yourself something to look forward to.

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

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