2 Months in London

Ah yes….London, one of the most expensive European cities and where 40% of my family reside. I consider that a small blessing as I do not have to pay for accommodation. I spent 2 months here before moving to France and something about this city makes me miss it more and more (I think it’s the language 😂)

After 13-hours of flying and a 10-hour layover in Miami, when I got to London, I was drained. Adding more to my pain, American Airlines left my suitcase in Miami which meant that for the next week I’d be chilling out at home in swimwear. I guess the question remains, will I take such a long flight like this again? absolutely! Why? Because it was a fraction of the cost of what is usually spent to fly from Trinidad to London. Even for Premium economy. I stayed in Croydon, a large town just South of London.

One of my favorite things about this city is the opportunity to just wander around. Almost every-day I took time to just walk and visit other areas that I haven’t visited on trips before. Most times, I did it without a map, just to see where I’d end up. I guess that’s the beauty of exploring.

Where i went


Definitely not your regular London café. Located on Ebury Street, it’s hard not to miss this café as it stands out way above the rest. This café is picture worthy as the pastel pink and floral patterns are guaranteed to make your Instagram pop. Apart from its picturesque exterior, it’s known for its ‘edible works of art’ using my favorite, cake. Unfortunately, I did not try any of their decadent desserts, as I only went for Instagram reasons. Sorry 😞


I found this place after I saw a photo on Instagram feed. It’s only open during summer as this is the best time lavender flowers. Guys, this place did not disappoint. Although it’s quite far from London, (2-4 hours) it is absolutely worth it. As I stepped out the car, the warmth of the fresh lavender fragrance tingled my nose. Imagine, 25 acres of this scent. Oh my God. They also have a café and a gift shop where you can purchase all things lavender. It’s the perfect spot for pictures and if you are a fragrance lover like me, you’ll love it.

Mayfield Lavender Farm



To be honest, I’ve been to London twice before and only on my third visit, I officially decided to try the infamous Nando’s. I was upset. Not because it didn’t taste good but because I really deprived myself of it my first two times in London. I ate this once and I was hooked! So, hooked that I bought their speciality seasonings and sauces and brought it back to France. Now I can have Nando’s whenever I feel like!

Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken


This was not a planned visit but after hours of walking, my family & I decided to eat here. I think it was pretty cool that you’re able to cook your own steak. This was my first time doing this at a restaurant and for £10 it was a steal of a deal. You get two uncooked steaks, seasoned salt and butter to cook them and a nice serving of sweet potato fries and salad. Again, a fantastic deal!

DIY Steak

my plans next visit


Imagine I spent 2 months in London & haven’t been on the London Eye. I know, it’s embarrassing. The long queues have deterred me, but I am willing to stand in lines almost street-length just to see the view from atop. It’s one of London’s main attractions and I really feel like I’m missing out on the experience.

Is London on your bucket list? What are you excited to see the most? Comment below!

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