When in Rome

The last country of my Summer 2019 trip. We took two days out of the 7 planned for Malta and flew to Rome to visit the Vatican. We stayed at an apartment just near the canal and was easily accessible to the city centre. It was H-O-T 🔥. If this is what hell feels like, I continue to pray every day. The temperature was around 41 degrees, but the second day skyrocketed to around 45+. It was absolute torture walking in this heat especially when my family wasn’t very keen on using public transport.



Trevi Fountain

It’s impossible to visit Rome and not visit the Trevi Fountain which is one of the most beautiful fountains I’ve ever seen. The fountain collects over €1M every year and it’s one of the largest fountains in Rome. There are three myths from throwing coins in the fountain using your right hand:

  • One coin – you will return to Rome
  • Two coins- Ensure a new romance
  • Three coins- Ensure marriage

I actually didn’t know the myths before I visited but ended up throwing two coins as the first one wasn’t recorded. I guess only time will tell when this ‘new romance’ will pop up in my life 💍. *waits*


We showed up totally unprepared for visiting the Vatican. Known as the smallest country in the world, more than 16,000 people visit daily and we were a part of that 16,000. The line was super long. It would have taken probably 2-3 hours to get in and with no shade, this definitely deterred us from lining up. Instead we just took photos from outside and randomly joined a group tour to learn a bit more history.


This was the last sightseeing stop before making it back to the apartment. Again, another long line which meant we weren’t going to see inside. The Colosseum was the largest amphitheatre in the Roman world and could seat more than 50,000 people. It’s the main symbol of Rome and it was great to witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World.



Seafood Pizza

With heat comes hunger and a trip to Rome is not complete without having an Italian favourite, pizza. I tried a seafood pizza which totally wasn’t what I was expecting. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. I think I just expected an over the top, mouth-watering pizza given that I was in pizza’s hometown.


Of course, if my uncle is on the trip, then this means more home cooked food! After our terrible encounter with the pizza, my uncle decided to whip up something at home which ended up being tastier than the ‘frisbee’ we had for lunch.


Almost every corner of Rome has a gelato ice cream shop. As a lover of all things sweet, no doubt that I was going to try some. Truth be told, it was way better than the pizza.

Sunburn & Ice Cream

my plans next visit


Literally right around the corner from the Colosseum, I didn’t get a chance to visit the Roman Forum as I was too tired. There’s so much history here and hopefully if there isn’t a long line, I’d definitely check it out.

Roman Forum


Only a 1-hour train ride from Rome and the 3rd largest Italian city, I’m quite curious about Mount Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Yes, I’m equally surprised as you. How dare I go to Italy and not try pasta. I promise to do better next time 😆.

What would you do differently in Rome, let me know so I can add it to the list for my next visit!

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