Malta, Heaven on an Island

Literally, heaven on an island. I’m not even exaggerating; Malta is the epitome of ‘living where you vacation.’ The archipelago is located right between Sicily and North Africa and consists of three islands: Malta, Comino & Gozo. With a size of around 246 km, the country boasts of its 350+ churches as almost 95% of the population practices Christianity.

I’m grateful that my uncle resides in Sliema and he’s also a chef. So:

Good Food + Tropical Location = A Happy Shae 😁



Located on Comino Island, I’ll describe this beach as a gigantic, blue swimming pool. The boat ride from Malta took around 30 minutes and I had my camera ready for the picturesque views. This wasn’t your typical Caribbean blue sea, in fact, I’ve never seen such crisp, clear azure water in all my life.  Many tourists flock to Malta during the summer so I expected the island to be overcrowded. When we got off the boat, there were people everywhere. It was impossible to even get a seat at the beach but since I was with older folks, two people offered their seats. The water was quite shallow but very cold even in 36 degrees weather.

After spending about 2 hours, we were ready to leave because it was just too hot with limited shade. We decided to head back to the boat and shelter there. Lo and behold, the boat actually left us!  For the next 2 hours we were stuck on the island basking in the sun by force and I swam just to keep cool. Eventually the boat returned, and we spent another hour or so relaxing in the shade. Overall, I think the experience was worth it although I do think it scarred my family for life.


Known as the ‘The Silent City’ and located on the northern side of Malta, Mdina is a major tourist attraction. No cars are allowed in this ancient walled city with medieval architecture and narrowing streets. It sits on the highest hill which gives breathtaking views overlooking the rest of the island. Like other parts of Malta & Gozo, Mdina’s city gates were featured in many Game of Thrones scenes.


Coming from the Caribbean, I wouldn’t consider it a beach, but the Maltese say otherwise. Although it isn’t sandy, don’t let the limestone fool you. Located on the waterfront of Sliema and directly opposite my uncle’s apartment, this beach is calm and great for swimming. The ocean is separated by rocks to create mini swimming ‘pools’ that are shallow and perfect for relaxing. I promised myself to take a dip before leaving and it was probably one of the best sea baths I’ve had a while.



Like I said before, my uncle is a chef. With the entire family gathered, he really outdid himself. From breakfast to dinner, each day we ate something new and it was absolutely fantastic. We even had curry at some point.


I had the pleasure of staying at Radisson for one night. I had dinner at one of the hotel’s restaurants named Agliolio. As the name suggests, the menu was Italian/Mediterranean. Honestly, I hadn’t eaten that much since Paris. We ordered pizzas for starters then a seafood platter and lobster as the main course. I was so stuffed that I had to unzip my pants post-dinner in order to walk. I feel like once you’ve reached this point, it’s time to re-evaluate your eating habits….or not.

my plans next visit


Yup, it’s exactly what you are thinking. Popeye village is the film set of the 1980 live action Popeye film by Walt Disney. Now, it has become a tourist favourite as it’s open to the public with various attractions. I wanted to visit here during my stay, but I was short on time. As a Popeye lover, this is definitely a must next visit.


I didn’t visit Gozo because we wanted to spend the entire day at Comino instead. I feel like Gozo is the middle child that hardly gets any attention because everyone is so focused on the last (Comino). Although there is the possibility of visiting both islands in one day, I’m dedicating one day to visit Gozo on my next trip.

Is Malta really heaven on an island? Let me know what you think!

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